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Stellwagen holds one of the most memorable fishing trips of my life. Some of the biggest “catches” come from the Bank. This proved to be the case for me. This is a hot spot in Massachusetts for Bluefin tuna fishing. To see the Tuna grounds during the height of this season you wouldn’t believe it. I don’t recall seeing the color “blue” in the ocean and think I could have walked from boat to boat without a drop of water hitting my fishing boots. It was truly a sea of boats hoping to have their day mono-y-mono with a bluefin. I was lucky enough to get my day and I have to say…it was a day I will never forget. “Big” is the theme of the Bank. Whale watching boats head out daily to see these incredible creatures in their glory. Seeing one coming right at you while you are eating a PB&J sandwhich waiting for your line to go off, is also an incredible thrill. It’s a little hike out to the bank, and one that you will want to make during good weather, but it is definitely a “big-game” fisherman’s destination. If successful, this could be one of the most memorable fishing destinations you power out to.

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