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To know me now and witness my addiction to fishing, one would think this was a genetic inheritance. Even though I grew up in the “Sunshine State” of Florida in a household of all boys, (and my mother of course, god bless her) this was SO not the case. Growing up, I was what you called a “beach rat”. I could spend days at the beach smelling the salt air, reading books, watching boys on their surfboards battle the white foam, and taking walks with my friends that seemed to last forever. My fondest memories of those years always included the ocean and the ultimate sense of happiness and calmness it brought to me. My dream has always been to live on the ocean and wake up each day to its beauty and that feeling of great childhood memories.

I got to fulfill that dream by having one of the largest houses available on the ocean. For almost a year, Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Ship, Brilliance of the Seas, was my home away from home. I traveled on this floating house throughout the Caribbean, Canada and New England. I saw a slice of what this magnificent journey we call life has to offer. I met people from all over the world and had experiences that not only molded me into who I am today, but also enriched my life in ways that most people dream of. Once again, the ocean didn’t let me down. It continued to provide me with some of the fondest memories and adventures to date. But being away from family and friends, I decided to jump ship. I landed in the second best job a girl with a love affair of the ocean could ask for. I became an Operations Manager for the Cruise Lines. Each day I reported to my office on the water. From Newport, Rhode Island to Bar Harbor, Maine all the way down to Miami, Florida, I was once again spending my days surrounded by my peaceful ocean. I ran the Cruise Line’s tour programs for people having the times of their lives and discovering their own adventures, as I had done the year before, only this time from shore. After three years of the hustle and bustle, another love entered my life. My husband and I settled down in Boston and I also settled into a job that allowed me to be in just one port. We got our own boat to continue being as close to the ocean as possible. This is where it all took an unexpected turn. We took a harbor cruise for our maiden voyage. I was eating cheese and crackers and taking it all in; I felt at home again. My husband came out of the cabin with a fishing rod and said “cast this”. My reply: “What does cast mean and what am I supposed to do with that?” Apparently fish were jumping everywhere and my husband who grew up on the water and dabbled in fishing, brought equipment with him. He showed me how to “cast” a fishing rod. It took quite a few times and a few “ducks” by him to avoid getting a lure in the face before I got the hang of it and actually caught a fish. I was forever hooked. I made him stay there until it was dark and there was no movement anywhere and with a number of catches under my belt.

That has been the theme ever since. I eat, sleep, and breathe fishing. I am always the last one to say pull the anchor and call it a day. I could be out there all day, all night, always. The catches have gotten bigger and the variety more abundant. I am 5’2, but don’t mistake me, I target and land big fish without help from anyone. If you go fishing with me, you may hear “touch my rod and you die” lovingly come out of my mouth when there is a big one on the other end. I am living proof that anyone, any size, any skill level can fish and be rewarded with a catch or experience of a lifetime. I believe I break the mold and stereotype when it comes to this sport. I have been called “determined” many times over by some of the best anglers I know. To me, that is a huge compliment and totally spot-on. My dream has come true. I do have a house on the ocean. It’s not your typical house and sometimes a lot messier than you could imagine, but when I think of home, there is no place other than on our boat, on the ocean, with the love of my life and fishing partner, catching fish and walking away with some of the greatest memories a girl could hope for.

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♦  2009 MSBA Winter Flounder Tournament – 1st Place Women’s

♦  On the cover of the 2010 Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Guide

♦  2010 MSBA Striped Bass Women’s Boat Tournament – 2nd Place

♦  2010 MA Division of Marine Fisheries Derby – 1st Place Women’s Winter Flounder

♦  2010 MA Division of Marine Fisheries Derby – 1st Place Striped Bass All Around Catch & Release

♦  2011 MSBA Winter Flounder Tournament – 1st Place Women’s

♦  2011 MSBA Striped Bass Women’s Boat Tournament – 1st Place

♦  2011 MA Division of Marine Fisheries Derby – 1st Place Women’s Winter Flounder

♦  2012 MSBA Winter Flounder Tournament – 1st Place

♦  2012 The Reel Women of Fishing Calendar’s “Miss September”

♦  Featured in the Fishing Publications “On The Water”, “The Fisherman Magazine” and “Coastal Angler Magazine”.

♦  Pro-Staff for Esca Lures

♦  Ambassador for Pure Fishing

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