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Fall is my favorite time of Year!

September 12th, 2010  |  Published in Fishing Reports by allison

The big fall run is definitely getting started. Big bass and bluefish are being caught day and night, high and low tides, so make sure you get out there and enjoy the explosions on the waters of Boston Harbor. Keep a keen eye out for birds working these pockets of action early morning. Pogies seem to be the main fuel for these blitzes, driving the bass and blues into their acrobatic feeding frenzies. Pogies are beginning to show up right off of the Winthrop Yacht Club and Public Landing, so make sure you have your snag hooks with you. Bass and Bluefish are making these little guys “jump” like Michael Jordan. The extremely high tides this week proved to be helpful for anglers targeting some big fish. I had a good night on Friday, or should I say morning. So dark, I couldn’t even tell the difference. I have never been much of a “morning” person, and for many years I have heard it is the best time to catch fish. And as tough as it was pulling a 28 hour day, it was well worth it. We started to fish at midnight and were heading back into the dock at 5am. We caught and released 12 keeper bass, 5 of which were in the 40 inch range. My biggest that morning was over 30 pounds. So I guess what they say is true. If there are really extreme tides and it is late night, early morning, you really should be fishing it.

30+ pound Striper

The bluefish this year are also nothing to scoff at. You don’t even need to leave your dock in some cases to land a huge one. Blitzes have been going off everywhere, and 90% of the catches are double-digit blues. I am actually going out today to target bluefish. I know, most people think of blues as annoyances, but the fight with a 20 pound blue, I imagine to be incredible.

Hot spots this week from the reports received: Snake Island, Deer Island, Long Island…..hit the islands people!

Get Out and Fish!

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