July is Hot..Hot..Hot

July 29th, 2010  |  Published in Boston Harbor, Fishing Reports

The waters around Boston Harbor came alive this week. We all knew it was just a matter of time with all the large pods of bait being sighted from Egg Rock through all of Broad Sound. The inner and outer harbor was loaded with herring, pogies, mackerel, squid and butterfish. The bass were on the rampage all week with blitz activity along Revere & Winthrop beaches with loads of activity in the main channel, the backside of Spectacle Island, and all around the airport Saturday morning. At least 50 boats were in the main harbor channel, all catching bass and blues and good sized fish to boot. I was also told that Friday morning was just as crazy. The late morning action moved closer to Long Island, and at one point it looked like you could walk from Spectacle to Long Island on Bass. Your best bet this week is to watch for the birds moving the bait and cast to the edges of the schools. This seems to be where the bigger fish are during all the top water chaos. The hot lure of the week for these top water blitzes was definitely the Shad. Pearl & Mackerel were landing bass one right after the other. Another lure to try when you see the top water blitz is the casting spoons. Anglers were landing keepers with these tiny, shiny plugs.
The Niner rig, an old time favorite around Boston harbor, continued to produce this week for Bingo’s, Brian MacDonnald & crew last Sunday. 30 hookups and 5 keeper Bass were a direct result of trolling the umbrella rig slowly. Ken Streeter Sr. & Junior also seem to be on a real hot streak lately, still grabbing macks out at Graves, resulting in gear busting sized fish. Using fresh pogies also turned in some spectacular fishing for a number of anglers. Adam Sullivan of Winthrop, fished the outgoing tide using fresh pogy chunks and he and his crew landed 30 plus fish. John Miller caught a “meaty” 43 inch bass, trolling a pogy chunk north of Graves.

43 inch BassThe numbers and sizes of the Bass this week are back to weeks of previous. More reports of bigger fish versus the schoolies.  Another sea worthy catch this week goes out to George Bossell, Captain of the Micky Finn. He hooked up with a 7’ blue shark right before I started this report. He and his son Carl were Tuna fishing at the Southwest Corner. It’s not just the water that is heating up, the fishing is hot-hot-hot.

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