GoPogy Report – School’s Out but Schoolies are in!

July 22nd, 2010  |  Published in Boston Harbor, Fishing Reports

The warming water of Boston harbor has some crying the blues.  As Bass take refuge in deeper, cooler waters, look for the stronger tides to re-invigorate the harbor with the much needed cooler temperatures needed for bigger bass. We are still getting reports of mackerel in the harbors, out at Salem Willows pier and even Hull Gut. If you are lucky enough to hook one of these bait-fish, your best bet is to run for the rocks and let them swim for their life.

Anglers have been blasting the blitz this week catching smaller stripers in the mid to upper 20’s on light tackle and spinning gear. Try throwing the traditional shads or a shallow diver when you see the birds moving the fish. The birds are still feasting on small herring giving anglers a good indication of where to drop their lines. Don’t wait too long before you get in the mix of these blitzes, they can be short and sweet – lasting only a few hours. When it does shut down, take to the flats or sandy patches to get your flounder fix. GoPogy weighed in a 2.2 pound flounder caught off of Boston Light Saturday night. Blues haven’t moved into their territory just yet, so you don’t have to go into deeper water to land that sizable flattie. Jim Soper and his mother proved this as they turned in multiple flounder after a day of fishing Deer Island. A new benefit to flounder fishing has also been taking place for a number of anglers this week…landing mackerel on the grubbed flounder rig.

We have heard good news from the lucky few that have been able to catch pogies. Slow trolling these bass magnets along the break lines will have your reels screaming for attention. Hull Gut, Quincy Bay and Graves Light are producing upper 30 inch bass with the outer Brewsters consistently turning up keepers. Shore reports have been few this week, with the largest landing going to Anthony Rosati and his sister. They landed a 34.5 inch, hefty Striper from Deer Island. Great job you two!

Hopefully next week’s theme won’t be “schoolies” but rather “hefties”.

Get out and Fish and keep the reports coming!

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