July 13th GoPogy Fishing Report

July 15th, 2010  |  Published in Boston Harbor, Fishing Reports, Fishing Tips

Once Again I feel blessed to live on the shores of Boston Harbor and Broad Sound. Great fishing is what it’s all about and that’s exactly what took place this week. Bass and Bluefish were being taken from shore, boat and kayak during flurries of bird action in the harbor and around the inner and outer islands. Broad Sound has been a virtual bee hive of activity in the late afternoon consistently all week with huge supplies of herring, mackerel, pogies and even a few rumored schools of butterfish. It looks like the big boys are going to hang around for a while. Speaking of big boys, Mark Arsenault of Revere caught a 48” 38lb cow at Headaches Ledge live-lining mackerel, while Captain John Dommings landed a 45” 35lb bass over at Middle Ground with many bluefish catches, the largest of the bunch – a whopping 17 pounds. And if that doesn’t get the excitement flowing, it looks like the pogies are starting to move in and in good numbers. Make sure your tackle box is stocked with snag hooks. Be ready, not sorry. There are some big fish out there that are looking for some big bait.

Live bait, however, has not been the sole producer of all big catches this week. John landed a 29.9lb 42” Striper from his kayak just off of Winthrop Beach using a rubber shad. This bass was so hefty it snapped his rod right in half. It was a true fight to the finish and we want to congratulate him on his prized catch. Joe Arria had a great week trolling his 9ER rig, picking up a 35” bass and a 36” bluefish.

Striper & Bluefish Blitz

Striper & Bluefish Blitz

And the flounder haven’t retreated just yet. The bite was on this week for Jim Soper and Pat Corkum, who caught 10 keepers off of Deer Island Sunday morning. So don’t give up on these guys just yet. If you haven’t hit the flats for the flatties, get out there.

Get out and Fish!

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